10 Most Popular Accounts

Current Acount
Our current account meets the needs of individual and commercial customers through our schedule benefit.
Savings Account
A savings account authorizes the bank to invest the funds deposited by the customers. A healthy interest rate is offered for the balance maintained and OBL's rate is very competitive in the industry. Unlimited withdrawals and deposits can be made using OBL branches, ATM, or using cheques.
Triple Benefits Savings Account
Triple Benefits Savings Account offers a high Interest is credited to the account every month on average monthly balance.
Fixed Deposit Account
Opening a Fixed Deposit Account for different terms with any Branch of Agrani Bank is very simple.

10 Random Accounts

Regular Savings Account
MEGHNA REGULAR SAVINGS ACCOUNT facilitates you to set aside a portion of your liquid funds while earning monetary return.
RFC Deposit Account
National Bank Limited gives oppotunity to maintain foreign currency account thorugh it's Authorized Delear Branches.Bangladesh nationals residing abroad or Foreign nationals residing abroad or Bangladesh and foreign firms operating in Bangladesh or abroad or Foreign missions and their expatriate employees.
Mudaraba Waqf Cash Deposit Account
Cash Waqf is the latest product in the realm of our banking sector particularly in Islamic economics and finance and it provides a unique opportunity for making investment in different religious, educational and social services.
City Global FCY Acount
- Resident Bangladeshi nationals working with foreign/international organizations operating in Bangladesh provided salary paid in foreign currency, foreign nationals residing in Bangladesh, foreign missions and their expatriate employees and Non Resident Bangladeshis can open this account.
NFC Deposit Account
National Bank Limited gives opportunity to maintain foreign currency account thorugh it's Authorized Delear Branches. All non – resident Bangladeshi nationals and persons of Bangladesh origin including those having dual nationality and ordinarily residing abroad may maintain interest bearing NFCD Account.
RFCD Account
RFCD Account is allowed for resident Bangladeshi nationals only; which offers you the ultimate convenience and flexibility in managing and accessing your foreign currency.