BankInfoBD.com is introducing a whole new window to the world to get access to the information and updates about the government and private banks in Bangladesh, yes, all of them. You can easily have a glimpse on their various schemes, loans, DPS facility, card system and so many more in just few clicks from one place. It surely will reduce your pressure and save a lot of time of your competitive professional commercial world. This site tries its best to provide you with the most authentic information and updates about the banks in Bangladesh. We sometimes collect our information directly from the banks and mostly form their sites. This site gives you option to choose your required part and by following the links you can easily meet your need.

We tried to keep the sections pretty specific so that you can find whatever you need in no minute. At the bottom the site map can help you to find your desired information. At the top you can see a number of tabs that can lead you to different facilities bank by bank. Our intention is to reduce your effort finding basic information about the banks. Our vision is to make this portal a more useful one by providing career tips and opportunities in banking line. This site will not only help the consumers or only the information seekers but also will facilitate the bankers to know about all the latest information in banking sector that includes services of other banks, new schemes that other banks are adopting etc. This will surely increase the competition amongst the banks, and bangking sectors will grow rapidly effective and easy for the consumers.

BENEFITS: Anyone can get benefits from this site depends on the user level. As this site contains information about banks in Bangladesh any consumer or interested customers may have a glimpse on this site and can have the basic information about our banking sector. They can easily compare multiple services bank by bank and go for the suitable ones. They can also get to know about the services banks are providing. Not all the banks provide same benefits nor the interest rates are same in every bank. So this portal will be a huge support for the general consumers and customers.

This portal is a huge privilege for the banks and the bankers as well. For better understanding we tried to point out the benefits of BankInfoBD.com.

For Banks:

  • We assume and strongly believe that this site will have about 100,000 hits per month which can obviously bring a good opportunity to our banks to express themselves to the world as a competitive one. Such huge number of hits enhance the possiblities of investment from International as well as from local clients.
  • This platform can be a showcase for the banks to show their products, service or identity to the world that can highlight their customer based banking system where customers are the main focus and facilities are customized according to the customers' need.
  • In the world of Information Technology BankInfoBD.com can be the fastest portal for the banks to share their information to internet community. This will enchance the marketing opportunity of the banks to a great extent and customers will response in a very short time.
  • Banks can share their information to a potential customer in an easy structured way through this window. There is always a chance to even compare with others.
  • Internet has become available and communication grew faster and easier over the last few decades. This window can be the largest facility for the banks to get reviews from the customers in real time about their organization and can improve or update the service real fast in a customized way.
  • We have an online product query feature where a customer can send specific query about a particular product to the respective bank. As customers are the heart of any business organization, responses from them are very important. Moreover customers have query about so many things all the time. So it will be really great if you can satisfy your customers instantly. BankInfoBD.com brings you the opportunity to response to the queries of your customers online.
  • You can promote your business on this portal with targeted ads and products. This portal is a great opportunity for a low cost but standard marketing for the banks.
  • Information about the banks, provided in this site, are more structured than a traditional newspaper or magazine. So, even the banks do not have to search for information about others here and there. This site can even be a better tutorial for the banks to show their clients and customers.
  • The only way for the Non Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) to know about the banks of Bangladesh is internet. So this site can be a very good source for them to decide what they need and it will save time and clicks. 
  • Get updates of the latest Banking Activity in the country.
  • You can write in our guest blog about your banking experience or share ideas with other bankers through this portal.

For Consumers:

  • It is an extensive privilege now a days to get all the products' information of all banks in one place. BankInfoBD.com is providing the facility to its viewers and subcribers.
  • BankInfoBD.com contains almost every information of all the banks of Bangladesh but a customer can visit particular bank's website through this portal for detail.
  • As a consumer can get almost everything about banks in BankInfoBD.com, he/she may review or compare products and service with others.
  • A consumer can send query about a particular product to multiple banks through our query facility.
  • BnakInfoBD.com always comes with the latest and updaed information about the banks and their various services. A consumer can easily remain updated by surfing our site or can subscribe to our site to be the first to know about the updates of the Banks.

Banking Career Guideline:

  • Those who are interested to build their professional career in Banking sector, BankInfoBD.com opens a new era to them by providing separate career sections where they can get guidelines and suggestions from experts. Guidelines from experienced personality in Banking sector will also be available in this portal.
  • To enhance their knowledge in Banking sector as a mode of preparation for Banking career, one can learn more about banking and finance sector of this country through our Banking Blogs. News section can always keep them updated with the latest information about banks.
  • As a prior step of career one can think of higher studies. BankInfoBD.com is the portal through which a student can find about the services to the students, like Study Loan, Students' Account Facility or similar services.
  • This site can be a huge resource for anyone to know and enhance their vocabularies about banking words and terms.

BankInfoBD.com comes with a broad objective where every person can get benefit of their own requirement in such a competitve world. We tried to keep things precise and tidy so that no one has to waste time. This portal is an enormous opportunity for investors as well as general consumers. We are yet to come up with the Branch and ATM locations of our Banks. We are working on it. That surely will help you to a great extent. We are always open for suggestions. You can come up with your suggestions and ideas through email. Only your support can make this site a success.