Current Account

Al Wadiah Current Account
ALWADIAH Current Deposit A/cs are opened on proper introduction with minimum initial deposit fixed by the Bank.
City Global FCY Acount
- Resident Bangladeshi nationals working with foreign/international organizations operating in Bangladesh provided salary paid in foreign currency, foreign nationals residing in Bangladesh, foreign missions and their expatriate employees and Non R...
Convertible & Non-Convertible Current Account
Convertible Taka Account is a special type of account which can receive funds in FCY but the balance will convert into Taka. The balance in that account can be freely repatriated abroad or can be disbursed locally in Taka.
Current Account
A Current account is ideal for carrying out day-to-day business transactions. With the MTB Regular Current Account, you can access your account anytime, anywhere, pay using payable at par cheques or deposit cheque at any MTB bank branch.
Current Deposit (CD) Account
Current Deposit Account is a transactional account where there is no restrictions on number of transactions in the account. It is an easy - to - use cash account.
Prapti Current Account
an interest bearing current account. This account ensures the profitable and easy transaction facilities for Businesses.
Regular Current Account
MEGHNA REGULAR CURRENT ACCOUNT is a transactional account which facilitates carrying out day-to-day business transactions. Frequency of deposits & withdrawals is unlimited but restricted to the Transaction Profile (TP) declared by the customer. ME...
VIP Current Account
This is a Taka current account through which funds can be freely deposited and withdrawn. At the time of opening, this account is also accompanied by a Short Term Deposit (STD) account namely VIP Call Account; which gives you the opportunity to ea...