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Southeast Bank Limited

Phone: +880-2-9571115, 7160866, 9555466, 7173793
Fax: +880-2-9550093
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Eunoos Trade Center
52-53, Dilkusha, Commercial Area, (Level - 2, 3, 4 & 16)
Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh
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Southeast Bank Limited was established as a third generation private sector bank of Bangladesh. Till now it has developed itself and contributed quite a lot to the national economy. In the year 2001 its authorized capital was BDT 500 million and in 2010 that grew up to BDT 10,000 million. The Bank’s paid up capital reached to BDT 6930 million from BDT 363 million in 2001. The bank provides all of commercial banking services to its clients. The major fields of activities may be distinguished as follows:

  • Conventional Banking
  • Islamic Banking
  • Credit service
  • Foreign Trade
  • Remittance service

Conventional Banking

Southeast Bank presents common deposit accounts like Savings and Current for individual customers. In addition there are some attractive deposit programs for the clients. These are Fixed Deposit Receipt, Double Benefit Scheme, Special notice deposit, Monthly Savings Scheme, and Millionaire Deposit. The deposit schemes offer competitive return. SEBL has introduced Dual currency Visa credit card for its clients. You may take the opportunity of avoiding cash even on traveling abroad.

Islamic Banking

Islamic Banking of Southeast Bank provides all services of conventional banking. In addition there is a scheme for saving money to perform Hajj, pilgrimage to Mecca. But the terms and conditions of all the schemes are in compliance with Islamic laws of business and finance. So if you are eager to perform banking in congruence with your belief in Islam you may visit any branch of SEBL.

Credit Services

SEBL provides loan and advance to deserving customers to help them in trade and business and at the same time to generate employment. Thus the bank tries to contribute in national economy. The main heads of loans offered by the bank are:

  • Working Capital
  • Over draft
  • Project Loan
  • Syndicated Finance
  • Packing credit
  • Credit against export
  • Loan Against Trust Receipt

Working Capital – For a viable business you may have this loan. Any branch of the bank is empowered to work out the loan. The processing is fast and easy.

Over Draft – Southeast Bank serves OD facility on hypothecation of finished goods or raw materials. Maximum limit is decided by the receivable bill of the concerned work order. OD is also facilitated against cash guarantee.

Project Loan – A prospective project may apply to have such a loan for procuring fixed assets and machinery. This term loan is designed to patronize turnkey projects.

Syndicated Finance – Fund requirement of a large project may not be met up by Southeast Bank alone. In such a case the bank is ready to serve you through syndication with other banks under common terms and conditions.

Packing Credit – This loan is designed to support export business. During manufacture and packing of export goods, required fund is made available through this scheme. Normal payback time is one year, but it’s renewable.

Credit against export – This demand loan is formulated for exporters to be paid as negotiated or accepted bills of export. SEBL thus plays an important role in export business.

Loan Against Trust Receipt – Importers need finance at the post shipment stage. The bank is ready to provide the service for a deserving client. If you are one of them, you may have the possession of your imported cargo in time with the assistance of SEBL.

Foreign Trade

Southeast Bank has developed expertise both in export and import banking services. It has a wide network of correspondent banks around the globe. The bank is always ready to serve you in all respect of banking needs related to export and import businesses.

Remittance service

Southeast Bank delivers remittance service for the expatriates working abroad. The recipient will get the money online at his account in any branch of the bank. He may also have the money over the counter at any branch. Wage earners may open accounts in SEBL.

Social Responsibility

From the very beginning Southeast Bank is aware of its social responsibilities. It has formed SEBL Foundation to perform its social duties. It’s patronizing meritorious students from poor families. It’s also active about environmental calamity that is likely to affect us in future. This bank is planning to build up a hospital and schools for low income people of the society.