Auto loan is getting popular in Bangladesh

Posted by BankInfo on Sat, Jan 08 2011 05:28 pm

In a country like Bangladesh a personal vehicle is very necessary. Though insufficient traffic system and lack of enough road cause enormous traffic jam in the city of Dhaka more often and now a days in Chittagong, the capital of business. Even in this condition a vehicle of your own can become very handy and can save you a lot of time and hessel on the road. As a result people are getting interested to buy their own vehicle for transportation now a days. It's not even difficult anymore.

Most of the banks in Bangladesh have come up with multiple schemed car loan facility. Amongst those DBBL, AB Bank, Mutual Trust Bank, HSBC, One Bank etc are very promising. Starting from Tk. 200000/- one can get a loan of Tk. 2000000/- with different interest scheme. To pay back the loan different bank has their own range of time. As there are so many banks providing various facilities to pay the loan back, competition is getting higher. This opportunity is considered as a huge opportunity to make a dream come true. 

In addition, HSBC has come up with a different auto loan. The loan is know as Motorbike Loan. No bank has introduced such loan yet. Motorbike Loan could be very famous due to current traffic condition in Dhaka. Not only this but also the loan comes up with a very low interest rate. Anyone who gets a salary of Tk. 15000/- per month will be eligible for the loan. This loan starts from Tk. 50000/- and extends upto Tk. 1000000/- which has different payment range. One can pay back the loan in 12 to 36 months. 

Vehicle description along with approximate amount of money could be a good starter for proposal. For detail you can visit Auto Loan section.  

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