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Mutual Trust Bank Limited started its banking activities on 24 October, 1999 following the issuance of license by Bangladesh Bank on 05 October of the same year.

The vision of Mutual Trust Bank, as expressed by the initiators was to build a perfect world-class bank in performance and by choice of the people.

At the same time its mission was to be a client oriented company equipped with cutting-edge technology and dynamic work force.


As a commercial bank Mutual Trust Bank provides all banking services to people. More over it presents a good number of innovative services and products for the clients. In broader sense the services offered by MTBL are shown below:

  • Retail Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • SME Banking
  • NRB Banking
  • Treasury Services
  • Retail Banking

Under retail banking the bank provides deposit schemes, credit schemes, and MTB card service. Besides regular Savings and Current accounts you may have some other attractive deposit schemes here. These are Brick by Brick, MTB Double saver, MTB Education Plan, MTB Millionaire Plan, and some more. The schemes are well designed to encourage you to save today for an easier tomorrow.

Loan products of Mutual Trust Bank under Retail Banking are Personal Loan, Auto Loan, Home Loan, and Home Equity Loan. Personal Loan is supposed to meet your any emergency requirement of fund, while other loans are known from the very names. If you are a deserving candidate for any of them you may approach MTB for having a loan. The terms and conditions are quite reasonable.

Mutual Trust Bank card service presents both Debit and Credit cards. It offers globally acceptable Visa card for you. You may enjoy a tension free travel and shopping anywhere in the world.

Corporate Banking

The major functions of Mutual Trust Bank under corporate banking are:

  • Term Finance
  • Working Capital Finance
  • Trade finance
  • Syndication and Structured finance
  • Offshore Banking

Term finance is a loan product that is to be paid back as per a predefined schedule. Total tenure is more than one year but not exceeding 10 years. The purpose of this loan may be Project, Capital Machinery, Lease or House Building.

Working capital loan demand is very common feature in corporate business. MTBL has several products to meet such needs. The loan products are as below:

  • Secured Over Draft
  • Cash Credit (Hypo)
  • Cash Against Document
  • Short term Loan
  • Inland Bill Purchase (IBP)

Mutual Trust Bank provides financial and documentary assistance for both export and import businesses. For export trade it presents Back to Back L/C, Export Bill Discounting and Secured Over Draft. In import trading it finances through Loan against Trust Receipt and Term Loan. All documentary trade finances are available in MTB for meeting your needs.

A professional team of experts in Mutual Trust Bank work hard to deliver your large project a syndicated loan. You need not go to all banks. On your behalf MTB designs and participates in the syndicate. The major fields of the bank’s interest are Infrastructure, Airlines, Heavy industry, Agro-based industry and Micro Financing.

Offshore Banking Service of MTB offers credit to projects in Export Processing Zone. The projects may be owned by foreigners or local people or a combination. It serves in the form of Term Finance, Working Capital and Trade Finance.

SME Banking

One small enterprise as an individual case seems to be insignificant. But as a sector SME has a huge impact on our national economy. So they demands proper attention of banking companies. Mutual Trust Bank has very correctly treating SMEs with right importance. The bank has designed different schemes targeting different groups of SMEs under the following titles:

  • Bhagyobati
  • Krishi
  • Mousumi
  • Revolving Loan
  • Small Business Loan
  • Digoon
  • Green Energy Loan

The first one is designed for women entrepreneurs and it’s very much client friendly a program. Krishi is prepared for different agricultural and agro-based entities. These programs in fact touch all the small and medium scale businesses and industries of our country. Being a deserving candidate you need not get frustrated for fund. You are welcome at MTB.

NRB Banking

Nonresident Bangladeshis remit their earning to the country in foreign currency. So they deserve banking facility to remit and to deposit their money in a productive way. Mutual Trust Bank provides all the services to the NRBs. Nonresidents may have savings account and all other deposit schemes from the bank. More over they are allowed to invest in foreign currencies. So you may visit the NRB division of MTB for your purpose.

Treasury Services

Mutual trust bank provides treasury services to its clients. A skilled group of people work to present the best possible solution for your problem relating to foreign currency or other treasury services.

Special products

In the list of innovative products of Mutual Trust Bank, there are SMS banking, Internet Banking and Tele Banking. These are very much helpful for our today’s complex life.