The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

Phone: 1199884722
Head Office
Anchor Tower,
108 Bir Uttam C R Dutta,
Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh
Known As

The Hongkong and Shanghai banking Corporation (HSBC) started its financial activities in Bangladesh with a debutant branch in 1996. Now in 2011 it’s at your neighborhood through 13 offices. 39 ATMs and 9 Customer Service Centers are providing its clients with world class service all the time. More over it has one offshore bank and offices at 7 EPZs of the country.

Deposit Accounts and Schemes

As a normal banking practice HSBC has provisions for Current account and Savings account for its clients. So you may have any or both of these accounts in HSBC. In addition the bank has several attractive schemes for deposit. These are:

  • Smart Savers Plan
  • Savings Plus
  • Savings Extra
  • Term Deposit
  • Monthly Interest Bearing Time Deposit
  • Education Saving Plan

Most of these schemes provide good interest rates and encourage people to save more, and face future challenges smoothly. Monthly Interest Bearing Time Deposit is supposed to be availed by senior citizens of the society. Those who are in retired life may deposit a good amount from their service benefits and earn an amount every month to ease their hardship. So you may pursue one of the schemes from the above list that seems to be suitable for you.

Credit Schemes

Credit Schemes of HSBC may be classified in two groups. These are Personal credit and Corporate Loans. You are qualified for certain personal loans if you fulfill some conditions. The conditions seem to be very logical as you have to pay the loan back within a time frame. The personal credits are named as follows:

  • Home Loan
  • Home Equity Loan
  • Any purpose Loan
  • Car Loan
  • Personal Secured Loan
  • Personal Secured Credit

So you are to decide a priority of your needs and apply for a loan from HSBC. You may apply online even.

HSBC Bank provides different corporate services. These are pointed out below:

  • Export Service
  • Import Service
  • Trade Express
  • Electronic DC Advising

Export Services include Pre-shipment Finance, Post-shipment Finance, and Documentary Credit advising. For availing HSBC export service you don’t require to have anything special. Even if you don’t maintain an account with it, you may get the services. So never hesitate to ask.

Import Services are, Documentary Credit, Documentary Collections, Import Finance, and Shipping Guarantee. Highly skilled Trade and Supply professionals of HSBC bank are always ready to help you. In addition worldwide HSBC network would address your business needs anywhere on the globe.

Trade Express is a combination of trade services for HSBC’s priority clients. Traditional services and modern Electronic DC advising meet together for presenting you a remote banking facility.

HSBC Amanah Bangladesh

Amanah is the bunch of banking services in compliant with Islamic Laws (Shariah). HSBC Bangladesh presents these services to the customers after proper scrutiny by Central Shariah Committee. The committee comprises of internationally reputed Islamic scholars in banking, Finance and Economics. Amanah provides almost all banking services of deposit and credit for the interested clients.

Other Services and Products

Nonresident Bangladeshis who are earning valuable foreign currency for the country are given proper attention by HSBC Bangladesh. NRBs may have F/C Current Accounts, F/C Time Deposit Accounts, Nonresident Taka Accounts, and Local Currency Time Deposit Accounts. NRBs are also provided with Amanah Services if they desire to get it.

HSBC provides you Internet banking opportunity. Well, you need not be worried about safety of your account. Its internet service is well protected from any cyber attack. The protection system is always updating itself to remain vigilant for newer versions of attacks.

The bank presents Credit card service to its customers. This Master card is acceptable at super stores, hotels, restaurants, airlines and almost each renowned service provider in the country. Traveler’s Check is another good service for you from HSBC. You may travel being free from all tension about carrying cash.

So it may be said that HSBC Bangladesh is present here with world class banking service for you. It’s just waiting for your visit.