Savings Account

Savings Account (SB)
We offer competitive interest rate (5.00% P.a) on our Savings Account. In addition, all account holders will get VISA Debit Card and ATM facility for 24 hour banking convenience.
Savings Plus
Do you want to earn monthly income on your savings account? Now, with HSBC's Savings Plus Account, you can earn your interest from your account on a monthly basis rather than at the end of six months.
Senior Citizen Savings
MEGHNA Bank’s Senior Citizen’s Savings Account has been designed to empower senior citizens to independently carry out the day-to-day banking transactions with dignity and confidence. These senior citizen benefits are exclusively for customers abo...
Super Savers Account
You want a Savings Account that understands your need better! The Standard Chartered Super Savers brings you the ultimate trust, security and convenience in Savings Account. Any Bangladeshi national with an age of 18 years or above can open this a...
Young Star’s Account
Young Star’s Account is an interest-bearing savings account exclusively tailored for high school students, between age group of 10–18 years, providing technology enabled service through automated channels and with minimum physical branch access. I...