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Mudaraba Foreign Currency Deposit Scheme (Savings)
To offer investment opportunity to the Wage Earners and other private Foreign Currency account holders who do not like to keep their funds in interest bearing deposit accounts or invest in interest bearing schemes.
Mudaraba Hajj Savings Account
Hajj is one of the fundamental worship (Ibadah) of Islam. However, because of the prevailing socio-economic situation in the country, the people interested to perform Hajj cannot arrange the required amount of money at a time to perform Hajj. The desire of many to perform Hajj is thus never fulfilled. Over twenty fi...
Mudaraba Monthly Profit Deposit Scheme
This is a Deposit Scheme based on Shariah Principles where the depositor/investor gets monthly profit out of his/her deposit/investment.
Mudaraba Muhor Savings Deposit Scheme
- To help the people raising awareness about Muhor, a basic Islamic principle. - To help the women protecting their basic rights determined by Allah.
Mudaraba Savings Bond Scheme
Savings play an important role in capital formation, income-generation and creation of employment opportunities and contribute towards the increase in wealth of the individual and nation through profitable investment.
Mudaraba Special Savings (Pension) Account
Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, in keeping with its welfare-oriented ideals based on Shariah Principles, has developed a deposit pension scheme named "Mudaraba Special Savings (Pension) Scheme", in order to mobilise and encourage the middle and lower middle class professional and service holders to save as per their...