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Mudaraba Hajj Savings Account

Hajj is one of the fundamental worship (Ibadah) of Islam. However, because of the prevailing socio-economic situation in the country, the people interested to perform Hajj cannot arrange the required amount of money at a time to perform Hajj. The desire of many to perform Hajj is thus never fulfilled. Over twenty five thousand devoted Muslims from Bangladesh perform holy Hajj every year. Financial solvency and physical fitness are the pre-requisites of performing Hajj. The majority of the people, however, reach the fag end of their life in arranging the required amount of money for Hajj. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited has, therefore, introduced "Hajj Savings Scheme" so that persons eager to perform holy Hajj may build-up savings through 'Mudaraba Hajj Savings Account'.
Salient Features
Mudaraba Hajj Savings Account can be opened in the name of the individual only.

Deposits in this account are received on the basis of Mudaraba principle of Islamic Shariah.

No photography is required to open this account.

The Bank issues pass-book against this account. After the deposit of each instalment, the depositor must ensure that such deposit is recorded in the pass-book. If the pass-book is lost, the Bank shall charge Taka 10/- for issuance of new pass-book.

The account holder must immediately communicate to the Bank of any change of the address.

Persons eager to perform Hajj within the period of one to twenty five years may build-up savings to perform Hajj by depositing monthly instalment.


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