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Mudaraba Savings Bond Scheme

Savings play an important role in capital formation, income-generation and creation of employment opportunities and contribute towards the increase in wealth of the individual and nation through profitable investment.
Mudaraba Savings Bonds can be purchased in single name or joint names and there shall be provisions for nominating nominee(s).

Photographs shall not be required with application for purchase of the Bonds.

Mudaraba Savings Bond shall be acceptable as security.

If original Bonds are lost or damaged due to theft, fire etc. there shall be arrangement for issuance of duplicate Bonds after due verification.

Mudaraba Savings Bond holders alongwith other Mudaraba depositors shall get preference in the matter of investment of their deposits over the Bank's equity and other cost free funds.

Income derived from the investments during the accounting year shall at first be allocated to the Mudaraba deposits and cost free funds (including Bank's equity) according to their proportion in the total investment as per principles of distribution of profit to Mudaraba depositors.
DPS Type
Initial Deposit
Mudaraba Savings Bond shall be available in Tk. 1,000.00, Tk. 5,000.00, Tk. 10,000.00, Tk. 25,000.00, Tk. 50,000.00, Tk. 1,00,000.00, Tk. 5,00,000.00 and Tk. 10,00,000.00 denominations.
Maturity Period
5 (five) years
8 (eight) years.
Person(s) aged 18 years and above shall be eligible to purchase Mudaraba Savings Bond(s) in single name or in joint names.

Educational Institutions, Clubs, Associations and other non-trading and non-profit Socio-economic Institutions shall
Deposits against Mudaraba Savings Bond shall be accepted strictly on Mudaraba principles of Islamic Shariah and accordingly the deposits so received shall also be invested as per Islamic Shariah.

The depositors must preserve the Bonds


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