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Loan Against Export Bill
This is a demand loan facility for the exporters in the form of negotiation or acceptance of export bills by the Bank.
Loan Against Trust Receipt
We provide post shipment finance i.e. LTR to manage immediate liquidity of importers.
This is a demand credit facility to meet day to day operational requirements. Suitable for short term credit requirements.
Packing Credit
We provide pre - shipment finance in the form of Export Packing Credit (PC) to assist cash flows for manufacturing or packing goods for export from Bangladesh.
Project Finance
This is a term loan facility provided by the Bank for acquisition of fixed assets and machinery for any Project.
Syndicated Loan
Large projects are financed through raising funds through participation of more than one banks by joint financing against a set of common terms and conditions laid down in a loan agreement.
Working Capital Finance
This is a loan facility designed to meet day to day operation of business concerns and manufacturing companies. Features and Benefits