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Packing Credit

We provide pre - shipment finance in the form of Export Packing Credit (PC) to assist cash flows for manufacturing or packing goods for export from Bangladesh.
- Easy Documentation.
- Fast Processing.
- It is a revolving limit for one year but renewable.
- Allow the Exporter to purchase of raw materials, cost of processing the same to finished goods, packing and dispatching of goods.
- PC disbursement made case to case basis with an expiry date up to 90 - 180 days.
- Global Loan Limit exposure for the client.
- Case to case PC limit determines against each export LC on the basis of export LC / Accepted BTB bills.
- Increase the present cash flow of the exporter to improve the financial condition and strengthen the financial ability.
- Online Banking facilities for repayment
Supporting Documents
- Application received from the customer for disbursement of PC.
- Viability report along with business proposal.
- Photograph of signatory to be attested by Chairman of the company.
- Copy of valid trade license
- Official seal with designation
- Tax Certificate
- KYC Form
- Transaction Profile
Fees and charges
- Application Form for request for loan facility – Taka 250/-.
- 2% on approved loan amount.
- We are realizing only interest (i.e. 7% p.a. at quarterly rest or as fixed by Head Office from time to time) from PC account.

Half yearly Service Charge:
- Taka 1,000/- on each account for urban clients
- Taka 500/- on each account for rural clients


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