Rupali Bank

Rupali Bank Limited

Phone: +880-2-9551624-25, 9554122, 9552163, 9552183, 9552184, 9551840, 9552214, 9552301, 9551525, 9552743, 9552746, 9551471, 9555093-4 (PABX)
Fax: +880-2-95694089
Credit Facility
General Credit Line and Programme - Rupali Bank Ltd. extends credit facility to almost every sector of the country's economic activities. - Main focus of Rupali Bank Credit programme is on financing trade and commerce, business and industry having productive purpose. - Credit facilities are also offered to...
Utility Services
Rupali Bank Ltd. offers some special services to customers in addition to its normal banking operation. Collection of various utility bills is one of them. Under this service, the Bank benefited Customer by collecting their various utility bills like Telephone bill, Water & Sewerage bill, Electricity bill etc free o...