Rupali Bank

Rupali Bank Limited

Phone: +880-2-9551624-25, 9554122, 9552163, 9552183, 9552184, 9551840, 9552214, 9552301, 9551525, 9552743, 9552746, 9551471, 9555093-4 (PABX)
Fax: +880-2-95694089

Credit Facility

General Credit Line and Programme

- Rupali Bank Ltd. extends credit facility to almost every sector of the country's economic activities.
- Main focus of Rupali Bank Credit programme is on financing trade and commerce, business and industry having productive purpose.
- Credit facilities are also offered to international trade and business, export and import.
- Credit Programme of the Bank also covers development of rural economic activities like agriculture and livestock, diary and poultry, fishing and hatchery etc.
- Loan is provided to thrust sectors declared by the government at a concessional terms.
- Lending programmes are operated as per guideline of Bangladesh Bank (the central bank of the country) through an effective lending policy and procedure of the Bank.
- Lending policy of the Bank ensures quick processing, sanctioning and disbursement of loan in all viable sectors.


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