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EBL Auto Loan
Drive it now! Thinking of buying a car? With EBL's exciting Auto Loan offer, don't think anymore........ Drive your dream car home!
EBL Education Finance Pack
Like planting seeds in fertile soil, giving children the best education now will help them grow to reach their full potential. Many families like yours choose to send children abroad for higher education because you believe this will cultivate your child’s unique skills and talents in a supportive and nurturing envi...
EBL Executive Loan
Turn dreams into reality! We wish for so many things in life be it a little get away from the daily monotony, be it decorating the home, be it securing our childs future by sending her overseas for studies, and so many other things. Wow, there is a chance for you to make these wishes come true. with EBL's Jibandhar...
EBL Fast Cash
Easy Cash in your pocket! EBL FastCash is a revolving credit facility of Eastern Bank Limited. Through EBL FastCash, you can meet your urgent cash requirements without having to encash your fixed deposit or other securities.
EBL Fast Loan
Meet your needs fast! EBL FastLoan is your personal short term loan facility from Eastern Bank Limited. With this, you can always have your choice to determine the repayment term. A fast way to meet your financial needs.
EBL Home Loan
EBL introduces the most convenient & practical Home Loan that suits your all home financing needs. Let it be for apartment purchase, home construction, extension or renovation - EBL is here with the ultimate solution for you. With so many attractive features in it - the home you wanted to buy, or to extend the exist...
EBL Jibandhara Loan
Nothing is Remotely Unreachable There are so many things we want in life - the chance to decorate our homes, the cool breexe of an air conditioner on a hot summer's day. The list goes on and on and now with EBL Jibandhara Loan there is a way to make these wishes come true
EBL Parseloan
Sharing makes life perfect There must have been many occasions when you have had some money and needed some more for some specific purpose. EBL Parseloan is the right Product for you, where you give some and we share the rest with you - making life simple for you.
EBL TraveLoan Secured
Making your travel simple! Do you want funds readily available to you whenever you desire to go on a vacation that you plan with family or friend? EBL's TraveLoan is the answer to your questions.
EBL Utshab Loan
It's festival time again! It's that time of the year for shopping, enjoying your holidays, meeting your loved ones. But do you know that EBL has Utshab Loan with the sole intention of helping you meeting your festival related needs?