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Eastern Bank Limited

Phone: + 880-2-9556360, 9558392
Fax: +880-2-9558392
Email: info@ebl-bd.com
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Jiban Bima Bhaban, 10,
Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka
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Eastern Bank Ltd. came into reality in the new democratic environment of Bangladesh with a vision to create a brand in financial arena of the country. Being established in 1992 EBL has proved itself as one of the most valuable financial institutions in the mean time. Now it’s a leading commercial bank in private sector. Especially it’s leading in corporate banking and achieving steady growth in consumer and SME funding.


Banking in Bangladesh has grown seamlessly during last two decades. As a result competition between institutions is obvious. Under these circumstances EBL has proved itself as an able player. Its innovative services include Student Banking, Priority Banking, and Platinum card. In addition it has all the products of modern banking for its clients. EBL touches a wide spectrum of groups as its customers. Its products and services are different types of Savings and Current accounts, Personal Loans, Debit and Credit cards, Prepaid cards, Internet banking, Corporate banking, SME banking, Investment banking, Treasury and Syndication services and many more.

Network and outlets

Eastern Bank is spread all over the country. It has a total of 51 branches in all major cities including the capital of the country. 92 ATMs and 16 kiosks are operating in different potential areas of the country. Cities and townships covered by EBL are Chittagong, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Khulna and Cox’s Bazar.

Innovative products

From the very beginning Eastern Bank Limited tried to do something special for its valued clients. EBL brought about 12 New to Bangladesh products and services so far. EBL Matribhumi is a package product for expatriate Bangladeshis. Monthly savings scheme with insurance coverage, VISA corporate cards, Remittance cards, and Mobile phone based Remittance solution are some of its brilliant examples of innovation. In SME chapter EBL has introduced customer friendly products of EBL Uddom and EBL Mukti. Now SME and Corporate banking units of EBL are efficiently handling all kinds of financial needs of its clients.

Pioneering EBL

  • Many of Bangladeshi banks are serving online now. Eastern Bank was the first in Bangladesh to start online banking.
  • EBL started with Green Loan, loan scheme for financing Solar Panel manufacture in the country and thus the scheme would change the lives of 1 million people living beyond the Electrical Grid network.
  • EBL is the first local bank to finance Biman Bangladesh Airlines for purchasing an aircraft.
  • EBL is the first commercial bank to sponsor a Mutual Fund in Bangladesh


Eastern Bank believes in long term relationship and sustainable development of its clients and the bank itself. Simultaneously it works for the society of its own. Tremendous recession in global economy created great threat for Bangladesh in 2010. Despite Bangladesh didn’t bend down and EBL maintained its profit growth this year by a 66.7%. The Non performing Loan Ratio during this time went down to 1.99% from 2.47% of last year. The Earning per Share (EPS) had reduced by 66% and cost to income ratio was also cut down to 32.10% from 35.62%. Such a performance of the bank naturally lifted its Credit Rating to AA which was AA- in the last year.

EBL knows its customers and feels their present needs and tastes. Accordingly EBL prepares itself to meet their demands. In doing so the bank came up with services like Priority Banking, Travel related product, Insured DPS, SME Debit card and so on. EBL introduced mobile phone based remittance service for the people at remote corners of the country. SME Banking of EBL is appreciated by the entrepreneurs. Women Entrepreneur Cell is another remarkable offer of the bank for the particular section of entrepreneurs.

Brand Communication & Social responsibility

Three colors in the logo of Eastern Bank represent the Sun, the Sky and the mother earth. The shape and the colors of the logo build together an image of Trust and Service. EBL strongly believes in its social responsibilities and try to deliver that as far as possible. It helped Aila affected people with safe drinking water. The bank has been sponsoring a financial grant scheme to help poor brilliants in collaboration with Dhaka University Alumni Association (DUAA).