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Saadiq Home Finance

Don’t compromise on your dream home. At Standard Chartered, we understand that our customers have varied needs and preferences. We dedicatedly provide you with tailor-made solutions to meet your Home financing needs.

How it works
We remain committed to providing a host of Islamic Banking solutions to our customers. At present, our product suite consists of:
Saadiq Home Finance – For both Ready Properties and Under construction Properties
Saadiq Home Finance – Home Credit
Saadiq Home Finance - Takeover

Five Great Reasons to get Saadiq Home Finance

1. Under the concept of Hire Purchase under Shirkatul (Shirkat means partnership) Melk mode of financing you and Standard Chartered enter into participation.
2. Standard Chartered may provide the larger share of the purchase price of the property.
3. As part of the agreement, Standard Chartered will allow usage of the property to you over a period ranging from 3 to 20 years and you agree to make monthly payments for the usage of the property.
4. You also make regular scheduled investments in the participation to increase your share in the property. Thus, with each payment, your ownership in the property grows, thereby increasing your share in the property.
5. Once you have purchased the complete share, you become the free and clear title owner of the property.


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