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Standard Chartered Bank

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67 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
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Standard Bank of British South Africa and Chartered Bank of India, China and Australia merged together to form a new bank with the names of both the banks in 1969. The two constituent banks were more than hundred years of age at that time.

In early nineties of last century Standard Chartered Bank decided to develop its strong holds in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It emphasized on consumer, corporate and institutional banking and also the treasury services. SCB acquired Grindlays Bank from ANZ Group and Chase Consumer Banking Operations, Hong Kong in 2000.

Considering the experience of ANZ Grindlays Bank SCB started its operation here in Bangladesh in 1905 and first branch was established at Chittagong in 1948.

At present Standard Chartered Bank, as an international bank has the widest network in Bangladesh with its 26 branches, 57 ATMs and 7 financial Kiosks.


The services provided in Bangladesh by SCB may be categorized under several broad heads. These are Personal Banking, Priority Banking, Islamic Banking, SME Banking, and Wholesale Banking.

Personal Banking

Different types of deposit accounts opening and operating is one service of personal banking. The account types are Savings and Current accounts. Savings account may be sub divided as Super Savers and eSavers, while Current account divisions are Current, Foreign Currency Current, RFCD, and Convertible, Nonconvertible Current accounts. All the account holders of any of the types are privileged with some additional facilities. If you look into you must find one to fulfill your needs.

In addition to the savings and current accounts Standard Chartered Bank provides Fixed Deposit schemes. SCB has two schemes here, namely Fixed deposits and NFCD account. First one is in local currency and the second one is a foreign currency account.

Standard Chartered Bank offers different headed cards for its clients. These are credit card, debit card and prepaid card. All three groups of cards have sub groups and each of them has got some facilities and also some bindings. After all the cards are very helpful in modern life.

Standard Chartered Bank delivers banking products like Auto Loan, Personal Loan, and Home loan for deserving customers. Some of them are even without a security, some with partial security only. Auto Loan is for buying a new or reconditioned car. A personal loan is to serve your various personal needs in time. Home loan is offered to buy an apartment or to renovate the old house. You can be a deserving candidate for SCB.

Priority Banking

Standard Chartered Priority Banking Service is for you and your family. It tailors services to fit to your priorities at home and abroad. The bank emphasizes mostly on its relationship with you and accordingly provides you priority benefits, priority solutions, priority services and international banking services at per your priorities.

Islamic Banking

Standard Chartered Saadiq is the Islamic financial service offered by SCB. Since 1993 the bank is providing fully Sariah-complaint Islamic banking solutions for its clients through Saadiq. This program is at the same time World class and up to date. It’s a complete set of banking solutions in compliance with your belief and values of Islam. A highly competent Sariah Supervisory Committee scrutinizes each of the products before presenting to people.

Standard Chartered Saadiq provides you all savings and current account options. Financing facilities like Auto loan, Personal loan and Home loan are also included in Saadiq. You may also have Credit and Debit cards from this service and all in coherency with Sariah.

SME Banking

Small and medium scale business and industry is the life line for the economy of Bangladesh. Millions of people are earning their livelihood from this sector. Very correctly SCB has addressed the field. It provides loans ranging from BDT 1000000 to BDT 7000000 for the deserving candidates. The rate of interest is also very reasonable. A proprietary unit, or a partnership owned firm or a limited company is eligible for this Business Installment Loan.

Orjon is a financing program of SCB meant for women entrepreneurs. This product is served very correctly under still easier terms and conditions.

You may have a loan against your property also. In that case the interest rate would be relaxed further. So you aren’t alone in your struggle. You’ll get the required fund either to survive or to flourish in your business.

So in any financial problem or crisis you may get a trust worthy, strong partner like Standard Chartered Bank beside you and it’s your decision now.