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Doctor's Loan

ONE Bank Doctor's Loan is devised for Registered Doctors & Medical Practitioners, eye Specialists, Heart Specialists, Child Specialists, Surgeons and Dentists to support their small scale purchase of different medical equipment, tools, small machineries, furniture etc. for their medical chambers, clinics and/or hospitals. A maximum of Tk.50 lacs can be availed at a time and in a cumulated amount by an individual doctor either in a single account or in a joint account.
Loan Amount
Max: Tk.50,00,000 at a time or in a cumulated amount. However, availability of loan amount is dependent on the type of security to be facilitated by the loan applicant.
Interest Rate
Supporting Documents
No Trade License Trade License 1 PG of spouse. If spouse not available then PG of another Doctor + 1 PG of a renowned Doctor or colleague who is a Doctor
1% of approved loan amount or Tk.1,000 whichever is higher 3% on past due amount or Tk.250 whichever is higher Flat 1% of outstanding loan amount or Tk.500 whichever is higher 1% of outstanding amount to be added to the partial pre payment amount or Tk.500 whichever is higher. At least 25% of outstanding amount to be partially adjusted.

Security Description Loan Amount
Unsecured (Additional supporting PG) Up to Tk.3,00,000
PG, Hypothecation of Goods / Items to be Purchased Up to Tk.10,00,000
PG, Hypothecation of Goods / Items to be Purchased, FDR and/or any other cash collateral other than PDC and UDC Up to Tk.50,00,000 Additional loan can be availed. However, total loan exposure not to exceed Tk.50,00,000 cumulative.


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