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Primary Dealers Business

Primary dealer system is an agreement between two major stakeholders in the domestic government debt market. The central bank has given approval to Mutual Trust Bank Limited as primary dealer (PD) aiming to boost the country's secondary securities market.

The authority has approved Mutual Trust Bank Limited as PD of the government securities dated November 23, 2009.Central Bank has taken the latest move to increase the number of market makers to bring dynamism in the secondary market.

Mutual Trust Bank, a dynamic third generation Bank, through its 44 network plans to gradually do business by selling government securities to corporate, institutions and individuals. The business will be administered by the MTB Treasury team, which is equipped with state of the art technology, the industry's leading edge skilled manpower that have expertise in handling government securities trading.

- To be a market leader in the primary dealership market and establishing a unique brand in the secondary securities market.
- To help enhance the liquidity and depth in the securities market through selling government securities and establishing new trading relationship with other parties.
- To develop secondary market by popularizing government securities to individuals and institutions
- To help Bangladesh Bank in achieving their strategic monetary targets


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