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“Dial-a-Draft” is a unique solution whereby a Savings or a Current Accountholder can request for a Pay-Order simply by calling our 24-hour Contact Centre and take delivery from any of the Standard Chartered Branches.
Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: How will I request for a Pay-Order?
A: You will need to call our 24-hour Contact Centre. If you have not carried out a TIN verification, the Customer Service Representative (CSR) at the Contact Centre will confirm your identity through a manual security check. Once the required checks have been confirmed, the CSR will fill-out the necessary details for the required Pay-Order/Demand-Draft.

Q: Do I need to fill out any other additional form to take delivery of the Pay-Order?
A: No, you will only need to sign on the request form while taking delivery of the Pay-Order from your preferred Standard Chartered branch.

Q: How will I collect the Pay-Order from the Standard Chartered branch?
A. If you are personally present, you will sign the instruction form which will be verified by branch staff and then the Pay-Order will be delivered to you.
If you have sent someone else, you will need to provide an authorization letter (including both debit authority and signature attestation of the authorized person). In such cases, branch will do 100% Call Back verification before delivery of the Pay-Order.

Q: Is there a cut-off time by which I need to call?
A: If the request is received at the 24-hour Contact Centre by 3 pm, the Pay-Order will be delivered on the next working day. If your request for this service after 3 pm, in that case we would require one more working day for this purpose.

Q: Can Foreign Currency Drafts be issued through Dial-a-Draft?
A: No, Dial-a-Draft will be offered for Pay-Orders in local currency (i.e. BDT) only.


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