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City Bank

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City Global RFCD Acount

- Resident Bangladeshi nationals can open City Global RFCD (Resident Foreign Currency Deposit) account with foreign currency brought in at the time of return from travel abroad at any time.
- Avail International Credit Card against balance
- Freely endorsable and carry during travel abroad
- Freely convertible into local currencies
Payment of international mobile roaming bill
- Remit children's tuition fees & living expenses abroad
- Purchase airline tickets
- Purchase book from abroad
- Send international seminar attendance fees
- Payment of international credit card bill
- 25% waiver on Cash & TC issuance fee
- 50% waiver on Endorsement fee
- 50% waiver on issuance of foreign currency Instruments processing fee
- 100% waiver on Cash & TC encashment fee
Interest Rate
- Attractive interest rate on balance above $1,000.00 / £500.00 or its equivalent


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