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Islamic Banking

On behalf of Standard Chartered Saadiq, the Islamic Financial Services of Standard Chartered Bank; we would like to offer you our warmest greetings. Standard Chartered has been offering world-class and completely Shariah-compliant Islamic Banking solutions since 1993; and at present has coverage in 6 countries including Bahrain, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and UAE.

At Standard Chartered Saadiq, we respect your Islamic beliefs and values. That is why we offer world class Islamic Account solutions combined with modern banking facilities. We are at your service with a complete range of Financial Products under our Saadiq Umbrella. We take immense pride in the fact that all these products have gone through the strictest Shariah scrutiny by our world-class Shariah Supervisory Committee before reaching you.

We invite you to visit our branches or give us a call for any of your banking needs.


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