Mercantile Bank

Mercantile Bank Limited

Phone: +880-2-9559333, 9553892, 9561140
Fax: +880-2-9561213

Brokerage Services

* Trade execution
* Executive dealings through dedicated and skilled Authorized Representatives.
* Counseling on investments in different financial instruments.
* Asset allocation advice.

CDBL Services As Full Service Depository Participant (DP)

The main functions as Depository Participant are:

* BO (beneficiary Owner) account opening and maintenance.
* Dematerialization (the process of conversion of physical script to script-less to the CDBL part of the company register)
* Re-Materialization
* Freeze (freeze request and release request) and suspensions
* Transfers and multiple accounts movement
* Pledging, un-pledging and confiscation
* Corporate events announcement inquiry (Cash and Non Cash)
* BO ISIN (balance and master maintenance inquiry)

Custodian Services

* Safe keeping of securities.
* Exclusive arrangement for clients to keep their shares in the vault.


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