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Mercantile Bank Limited was established by a few dynamic people from industrial and commercial sectors of the country. The bank started its journey as a commercial bank on 02 June, 1999. It expressed its vision to be development of corporate citizens. At the same time it fixed its mission to bring up the bank as a healthy organization with equitable growth through diversified use of resources.

During last 12 years MBL has provided caring services to its clients and offered innovative and global standard products for them.

Normal banking

MBL performs all activities of a commercial bank. Current account and Savings Bank account are its routine functions. In addition a good number of deposit schemes are offered by it. The deposit schemes provide attractive terms for the clients. The schemes are:

  • Special Notice Deposit
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Double Benefit Deposit
  • Family Maintenance Deposit
  • Mashik Sanchaya Prokalpa
  • Quarterly Benefit Deposit
  • 1.5 Times Benefit Deposit
  • Advance Benefit Deposit

Each of the schemes is targeted to a particular group of people and their response is quite encouraging.

Credit Schemes

Mercantile Bank offers different loan schemes for deserving customers. These are also oriented towards certain slabs of income groups. The schemes are as below:

  • Consumer Credit Scheme
  • Doctors Credit Scheme
  • Rural Development Scheme
  • Lease Financing
  • Any Purpose Loan
  • Car Loan
  • Home Loan
  • Overseas Employment Loan
  • ETP/Bio-Gas/Solar Energy Loan
  • Krishi / Polli Loan

Limited income people who desire to buy house hold durables may apply for a consumer credit. Maximum amount you may get under this scheme is Tk.100000 and payback time is 2 years.

Doctors Credit Scheme is a good opportunity for fresher FCPS doctors to start career. Well, specialized doctors may also need a fund to refurbish the old chamber or to get a better one. This scheme has a provision for hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers as well. A doctor may have a loan of Tk. 15 lac as a maximum while a hospital’s cealing is Tk.50 lac .

If you are a brilliant student and desire to continue your studies at home or abroad in undergraduate or post graduate program, but money is your hurdle, you are eligible for an education loan from MBL. Maximum money you may have as loan is Tk.5 lac for study at home and Tk.20 lac for going abroad.

Lease Financing program of MBL is designed to help an entrepreneur in getting capital machinery in proper time and speed up his business.

Any purpose Loan of Mercantile Bank is to meet your unforeseeable need of money. The amount varies from Tk.50000 to Tk.5 lac.

Car Loan is obviously designed for a man who desires to buy a car. You may get this loan if you have a regular income of certain level. The range of this loan is from Tk. 5 lac to Tk. 20 lac.

Home loan is for interested people to buy an apartment or construct a house or extend or renovate the existing one. You can have a maximum of Tk. 75 lac from MBL in this scheme under competitive terms and conditions.

MBL offers easy term loan for those people who got a job abroad. So they can avoid selling out their home or land to fly away for joining job.

Krishi/Polli Rin Scheme is for rural people. You may apply for the loan to mechanize your agriculture, to develop your poultry or dairy firm, to improve your plant nursery or to install any agro vest project.

SME entrepreneurs are given proper weight by MBL. Several schemes are designed to provide fund for installation, expansion and running of their projects smoothly. Women entrepreneurs are also taken into account for loan.

Other services

Mercantile Bank presents ATM cards for its clients. The cards are Credit Card, Dual Card (local and Intl.) Debit card and Prepaid Card. So you get the modern facility very easily from MBL.

Many of the branches of MBL provide Locker facility to its customer. You may keep your valuables in a MBL locker at a reasonable price.

MBL provides many other services t to you through its 65 branches all over the country. It’s proceeding forward with its customers and the nation as well.