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ATM Services

Automated Teller Machine (ATM), interalia, has unveiled the horizon of Electronic Banking of 21st Century. Through ATM, customers can avail non-stop online teller service without going to the specific branch of the member bank. They can withdraw or deposit cash or cheque as well as pay utility bills like BTTB, Grameen, AKTEL, City Cell Phone, DESA, WASA, TITAS etc. with the help of this modern computer controlled machine. The service is now offered by ETN and eleven member banks including Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited.


* ATM Card holders can withdraw cash from ATM at any time.

* Customers can make transactions from any of the machines with logo ‘E-cash’ installed at different places in the city.

* In course of time utility bills like WASA, TITAS and DESA etc can be paid through ATM. *

Now BTTB, Grameen, AKTEL, City Cell Phone bill can be paid through ATM.

* Now IBBL E-cash cardholders can be paid their monthly installment of Mudaraba Hajj Savings, MSS (Pension), Mudaraba Muhor Savings and HDS schemes of IBBL through ATM .

* The machines are located in convenient places where customers usually deal with money matters. So they can easily avoid the risk of cash carrying by using ATM Card.

* Customers may know their present balance at any time from the machine.

* In course of time POS (Point of Sale) can be used.


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