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Brokerage Service

AB Securities Limited (ABSL) is a subsidiary company of AB Bank Limited having holding 99.60% shares of the ABSL. Earlier, AB Bank Limited provided stock broking services through Arab Bangladesh Bank Foundation (ABBF) since 2006. Incompliance with Bangladesh Bank’s directives, AB Bank Limited formed separate subsidiary company under Company Act 1994 in name of AB Securities Limited (ABSL) and shifted its stock broking services from ABBF to ABSL. ABSL started its new journey on 2nd August, 2010 with improved customer service, highly skilled professionals and state of art technologies. Memberships of both Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited and Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited has been transferred in name of ABSL to provide more efficient and professional broking services to the capital market investors.

Services of ABSL:
AB Securities Limited (ABSL) is one of the country’s leading securities broker houses of Dhaka Stock Exchange (member # 201) and Chittagong Stock Exchange (member # 101). ABSL has started its operation on 2nd August 2010. We have already started our operation in full swing through our corporate head office and Chittagong Branch Office and Chowhatta (Sylhet) Branch Office. We are planning to establish nationwide branch network as well as step into international arena.


1. Brokerage Services: AB Bank's subsidiary, AB Securities Limited, which has corporate memberships on the Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchanges, can act as brokers on behalf of local and foreign individual and institutional client to trade in the local capital market. We provide broking services under following categories:

a) Individual & Joint Account (Local, NRB & Foreign)
b) Institution Investment Account (Local and Foreign)

2. Margin Loan Facilities: We also provide margin loan facility to our valued clients as per desecration of management of ABSL.

3. Stock Dealer Service: ABSL also has the stock dealer license to manage own portfolio as well as can manage reputed institution’s portfolio accounts.

4. CDBL Services as full service Depository Participant (DP): As a full service depository participant, ABSL provides following services:

a) BO (Beneficial Owner) accounts opening and maintenance.
b) Dematerialization & c) Rematerialization
c) Freeze (freeze request and release request) and suspensions
d) Pledging, unpledging and confiscation
e) BO ISIN balances and master maintenance enquiry


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