AB Bank

AB Bank Limited

Phone: +88-02-9560312
Fax: +88-02-9564122, 23
Email: info@abbank.com.bd
Auto Loan
1. Purchase of Brand new cars 2. Purchase of Re-conditioned cars
Education Loan (disbursed to parents/guardian)
To assist Parents/guardians for Admission/Education Fees, Semester Fees, Study abroad for their children/wards
Education Loan (for executive)
To assist Executives pursue Higher Studies/professional qualification at local/overseas institutions
Home Loan
1. Purchase of apartment/house within the Municipal areas of town/cities in Bangladesh. 2. Purchase of independent house not more than 5 years old. 3. Completion of construction of a new house.
Personal Loan (Personal Banking Loan Products)
Personal loan may be availed for any purpose deemed appropriate for lifestyle and personal exigencies including purchase of household items, marriage, travel, medical treatment, CNG conversion, Festival, renovation etc.
Personal Loan (Secured Loan)
To meet personal requirement of fund
Personal Overdraft
To meet personal requirement of fund