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Custodial Service

Investors Who Are Interested to Invest In the Bangladesh Capital Market
• Non Resident Bangladeshi (NRBs)
• Foreign Institutional and individual clients
• Local Institutions
• Sponsors' group and High net worth client

• Safe custody of client securities
• Foreign Trade Execution and Settlement
• Share transfer in the name of client
• Complete the Dematerialization process as per client request
• IPO, Private Placement & Right share subscription as per client instruction with deposit
• All types of corporate action that includes cash dividend, bonus share and right share collection
• Open BO account
• Instant information regarding client securities position as per their request
• Quarterly reporting to the client by Custodial Department

Account Opening Procedure:

1. Account Opening Procedure
1. Criteria for opening an account:
1. The non-resident investor shall open a NITA (Non-resident investors’ taka account) with any commercial bank in Bangladesh, with freely convertible foreign currency remitted from abroad through normal banking channel or by transfer of funds from the non-resident investor's foreign currency account, if any, in Bangladesh;
2. Any two Bangladeshi national and Non Resident Bangladeshi of sound mind having a minimum age of 18 years may open two accounts on each in their single name and the other in their joint names.
3. Account opening absolutely depends upon the management of ABBL.
4. Proper documents should be submitted at the time of account opening.
5. Foreign investor has to open FC account along with NRITA account at the time of custodial account opening.

2. Account opening formalities
1. Foreign Currency Account Opening:
1. Duly signed account opening form
2. Submit Name, signature and photograph of the Nominee
3. Transaction profile
4. Signature of an introducer must be incorporated
5. Supporting Documents:
6. Copy of the passport
7. Bank statement/ Work permit (in case of NRB)
2. Non-resident Taka Account (NITA) Opening:
1. Duly signed account opening form
2. Transaction profile
3. Custodial Account Opening:
1. Duly Signed account opening form of Custodial
2. Duly signed custodial agreement (must be signed in all pages)
3. Duly signed Power of Attorney (POA) in non-judicial stamp of Tk. 200/-*
4. Supporting Documents:
* Copy of the passport
* Bank statement/ Work permit (in case of NRB)
4. Beneficiary Owner (BO) Account Opening:
1. Duly signed BO account opening form
2. Duly signed BO agreement (must be signed in all pages)
5. Brokerage Account Opening:
1. Duly signed account opening form with AB Bank Foundation
2. Nomination Form duly signed
3. Agreement with AB Bank Foundation
4. Supporting Documents:
5. Copy of the passport
6. Bank statement/ Work permit (in case of NRB)

* Note:
Procedure of Notarization of Power of Attorney Documents
It should be notarized by the Notary Public at the place of its execution, thereafter to authenticated by Bangladesh Embassy, therein and Ministry of Foreign affairs of Bangladesh upon arrival in Bangladesh. Thereafter stamp duty of Tk. 200/- is to be paid in Central Treasury of the Government of Bangladesh through Treasury Challan.


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