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City Double Loan

City Double is a unique loan facility where your fixed deposit in City Bank or in any other financial institution will now allow you to avail two loans at the same time from us – one as overdraft (up to 95% of FD value) and other as an EMI loan (up to Tk. 10 Lacs).
Fully secured loan in the for up to 95% of FD value
- Unsecured loan for up to Tk. 10 Lac payable in Equal Monthly Installments (tenor ranging from 12 to 60 months).
- Zero processing fee for the overdraft facility
- Interest rate lower than other competitive products
Loan Amount
-Fully secured loan in the for up to 95% of FD value
-Unsecured loan for up to Tk. 10 Lac payable in Equal Monthly Installments
Tenor ranging from 12 to 60 months
Any credit worthy individuals like: salaried executives, professionals like doctors, architects, engineers, chartered accountants, consultants, IT professionals and businesspersons etc. can apply for this loan.
Supporting Documents
- City Bank fixed deposits
- City Bank's deposit scheme of minimum 2 years maturity attained
- Wage Earner Development Bond/FDR of other eligible banks and financial institutions
- Passport/National Identity/Driver's License/Ward Commissioner's Certificate with photo attached
- 2 copies photograph of the applicant and 1 copy photograph of the guarantor (if availing unsecured loan portion)
- Business card (if any)
- Bank statement for last 6 months
- Any document showing TIN
- Trade license/Memorandum of Association/ Partnership deed for businessmen
- Letter of Introduction (LOI) for salaried executives or pay slip if that covers major information of LOI
- Copy of house ownership and rent agreement for landlord and landlady


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