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Traveler's Cheques

Traveller's Cheques are available in all major currencies and eliminate the need to carry cash while travelling overseas. Unlike cash, Traveller's Cheques are safe and will be immediately replaced if lost or stolen. Traveller's Cheques issued by HSBC are accepted worldwide, giving you spending power wherever you are.

* Secure and convenient, as they can be encashed at banks and at most hotels and shops in any country or city
* Handy to carry
* Accepted globally
* Easy-to-use
* Ideal to budget
* Available in most major currencies in denominations of 50 and 100.


1% commission of the total amount endorsed. Passport endorsement fee of BDT250.

1. An HSBC account in Bangladesh
2. Passport and valid visa
3. Confirmed return air tickets
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* Call now on 01199 88HSBC (4722)


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