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Internet Banking

What is Internet Banking?

Internet Banking is a simple way to do many of your banking transactions using your PC and the Internet (subject to minimum browser restrictions). The advantages? No banking hours, no queues. Just banking from wherever you are connected, safely and securely. It's easy, convenient, and best of all, it's available to you at any time.
What are the features of Internet Banking?

Internet Banking offers you total control of your money, worldwide. Users of HSBC's Internet banking will also receive an exclusive Security Device which gives users unprecedented protection. Wherever you're logged on, you can view your accounts and make everyday transactions 24/7:

* 24/7 access and control over your accounts
* View balance and real-time transaction history
* View/Download/Print account statements (e-statement)
* View account summary
* Enquire your loan account (Remaining installments, principal and interest outstanding etc.)
* View Net-Worth statement (A summation of all your accounts with the bank)
* Pay bills
* Transfer to own accounts
* Issue Cashier's Order, Demand Draft
* Open new Time Deposit
* Send overseas remittance *
* Enquire your loan account (Remaining installments, principal and interest outstanding etc.)
* Rate enquiry
* Update personal information
* Request ATM/Phonebanking PIN replacement
* Stop Cheque
* Order Chequebook
* Send/Read secured message
* Request brochure/ request contact

*Subject to regulatory restriction
When can I register for Internet Banking?

The launch for HSBC Internet Banking is on 31st October 2010. From this date onwards, any HSBC customer can register for our services. For more information, contact the nearest HSBC branch or call out Internet Banking hotline: +88 011 90 000402.
What do I need in order to register to Internet Banking?

1. You need an active account with HSBC Bangladesh

2. You need to have an active ATM card or Phone Banking number
Who do I contact if I want to open an HSBC Internet Banking account?

To open an Internet Banking account, HSBC customers can contact the nearest HSBC branch or their Relationship Managers, or can call our Internet banking hotline: +88 011 90 000402.
Are there fees for HSBC Internet Banking?

If you register with us before 31st December 2010, there are no registration fees for using Internet Banking. You also receive your first Security Device for free. However, you will need to pay for replacement Security Devices.
When can I register for Internet Banking?

Internet Banking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which allows you to do your banking when and where you want.
What languages does Internet Banking support?

Internet Banking is available only in English.
If I am not an HSBC customer, how do I avail this service?

In order to avail our Internet Banking services, you need to be an active HSBC account holder. In order to open an account with us, please visit the nearest HSBC branch. Once you have become an HSBC accountholder, you will be able to register for Internet Banking.
What kind of Internet connection do I need in order to use HSBC Internet Banking?

* 1. You need a PC or a Mac, Internet access and the correct browser software. PC browser: Firefox** or Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 6 or 7*. Mac browser: Firefox** 1.5 or above (we no longer support Microsoft® Internet Explorer on a Mac as Microsoft® have ceased support for this browser).
* 2. Color display, minimum pixel resolution 800 x 600.
* 3. Internet connection (recommended speed 56kbps and above).

It may be possible to access our internet banking service using other browsers or versions but please be aware that this will potentially impact on internet banking security levels and you are strongly advised not to do so.
How can I use Internet Banking if I do not have Internet access at home or at my workplace?

At all HSBC branches, there are separate Internet banking kiosks which will allow customers to learn about Internet Banking and also use HSBC Internet banking services
How is HSBC Internet Banking services different than the Internet Banking services provided by other banks?

HSBC Internet banking stands out for two reasons:

* 1. Our Internet banking features are the most comprehensive available in the market today
* 2. The exclusive Security device provides unprecedented protection to its users so that every transaction is secure and customers are protected from unauthorised transactions. No other bank in Bangladesh has security features that come to par.


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