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Smart Savers Plan

HSBC understands how you value a happy and secured future for your loved ones. Our Smart Savers Plan ensures that you have a secured future, so that you can enjoy today, plan for tomorrow, and be prepared for any unforeseen challenges. With Smart Savers Plan, you can bring in assurance to the lives of the people you adore.
* No sign-up fee
* Attractive savings interest rates and competitive rates on Overdraft facilities

* Overdraft facilities upto 90% against your deposit with a minimum amount of BDT90,000
Minimum Installment
Convenient monthly instalments of BDT1,000; BDT2,400; BDT4,700 & BDT23,062
Initial Deposit
Ideal units of BDT5,000; BDT50,000; BDT100,000 & BDT500,000.
Maturity Period
3 years
* To earn the maturity value, all the instalments must be paid regularly
* Final maturity value is subject to tax and excise duty as per local regulations


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