Rupali Bank serves customers with improved banking

Posted by BankInfo on Sun, May 25 2014 10:52 am

Rupali Bank Limited has been providing improved and modern banking services to its customers across the country as the management of the bank believes in serving the clients with best facilities.

The services are provided through 532 fully-computerized branches across the country. Besides, online and ATM services are also available for the customers from the cities to the rural areas of the country.

Dr. Ahmad al-Kabir, Chairman of the bank said this. “We are working on a variety of development works for the banks. Automation, business development, ATM services, computerized system have been introduced in almost all branches. Competitive banking activities have been ensured in order to compete with other bank for faster growth of the business of the bank.” The bank has 532 branches and all are computerized. Online banking services are provided through 72 branches, he said adding, Another 131 branches will be brought under online network in a very short time, said the chairman.

News: Daily Sun/25-May-2014
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