Islami Bank opens ‘Mudaraba Mohor Savings Account’

Posted by BankInfo on Wed, Sep 25 2013 11:03 am

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) has introduced a deposit scheme titled ‘Mudaraba Mohor Savings Account’ in a bid to creating awareness among the Muslims for complying with the fundamental rights as per the guidance of Islamic Shariah.

The deposit scheme will also help establish woman’s rights in the society and assists them to be solvent financially, said a press release.

With this scheme, IBBL has come forward to stand beside the deprived women, said the bank release, adding the bank never hesitates to participate in any activity for the wellbeing of the society and the humanity. The bank has been working to build a kind and humanistic society with participation of all people.

Muslims from all segments in the society, especially professionals, businessmen, and expatriate Bangladeshis can open the Mohr account under this scheme.


News:Daily Sun Bangladesh/25-Sep-2013
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