FINDER will look into Stan Chat's Credit Cards

Posted by BankInfo on Thu, Jan 20 2011 06:39 am

Vehicle protection provider company FINDER (a concern of Monico Limited) and Standard Chartered Bank and  have signed an agreement through which the Credit Card holders of the Bank will enjoy special InstaBuys @ 0% offers at FINDER. FINDER works as an intelligent watchdog for any personal or commercial vehicle. No matter where the vehicle is, with FINDER customer can trace it, track it and even trail it through internet & mobile phone.

FINDER provides with the real time tracking & monitoring via web, engine on/off through SMS, route & destination view via the web applications, distance monitoring, speed/distance report, location report, start/stop report and many more. This service will surely be a very effective one for the investors and will provide more security to the banks.

News Source:Financial Express/Bangladesh/20 Jan 2011