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Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited

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36, Dilkusha(6-9 Floor) C/A Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.
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With a vision to emerge as the leading Islami bank in Bangladesh, Al-Arafa Islami Bank was established by some religious personalities from commerce and industries of the country. To make significant contribution to the national economy for sustainable growth was another agenda of the bank. AIBL presents all its services and products in compliance with Islamic Laws (Shariah). A powerful Shariah Board is constituted by renowned Islamic scholars and economists of the country and the board carefully scrutinizes each and every service and product before offering the same to the customers.

Deposit schemes

In addition to current and savings account Al-Arafa Islami Bank offers quite a large number of deposit schemes with different names and purposes. These are as below:

  • Mudaraba Short Notice Deposit
  • Mudaraba Term Deposit
  • Monthly Profit Based Term Deposit
  • Monthly Installment Based Term Deposit
  • Al-Arafa Monthly Hajj Deposit
  • Al-Arafa Termed Hajj Deposit
  • Monthly Installment Based Marriage Savings Investment Scheme
  • Al-Arafa Savings Bond
  • Foreign Currency Deposit
  • Pension Deposit Scheme
  • Cash Waqf Deposit Scheme
  • Mudaraba Lakhpoti Deposit Scheme
  • Mudaraba Millionaire Deposit Scheme
  • Mudaraba (Special) Pension Deposit Scheme
  • Mudaraba Kotipoti Deposit Scheme
  • Mudaraba Double Benefit Deposit Scheme

All these programs or AIBL are well designed for encouraging people to save today for a better tomorrow. At the same time some schemes are arranged to help you performing Islami farj without any hardship.


Fields of investment of Al-Arafa Islami Bank is very wide. It touches almost all vital sectors of the country. Broad heads are pointed out here:

  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Business
  • Foreign Trade
  • Construction and Housing
  • Transportation
  • Hire Purchase
  • Mosque and Madrasa
  • Village
  • Small Enterprise
  • Consumer

Attending all the above sectors the bank contributes in national economy through its investment and guidance whatever is felt necessary by the clients.

To provide best possible service to the clients in foreign trade, Al-Arafa Islami Bank maintains a division namely International Division. The division is enriched with best experienced people in the line. They are always ready to serve you through advice, assistance and documentation. AIBL has developed a worldwide network of correspondent banks for your purposes.

SME Banking

Small and medium scale enterprises are a thrust sector for Bangladesh, as they play a vital role in generating employment and enhancing GDP growth. Naturally AIBL imposes proper importance on the sector. The main purposes of the schemes are revealed as following:

  • Facilitation of SME entrepreneurs
  • Boosting up small businesses
  • Facilitation of Agro industries
  • Broaden the base of Islamic Banking in the society
  • Encouraging women entrepreneurs

Al-Arafa Islami Bank presents credit to the SMEs in two forms, working capital and fixed capital. Five schemes are there for you to choose for having working capital loan. Well, only your choice is not enough, some terms and conditions are to be fulfilled for getting a loan. As a normal practice a security against the loan is required. However, a loan amount below Tk. 200,000 may be considered without security.

Fixed capital loan are provided in three schemes. The conditions are similar to those of working capital loan. You may visit your nearest AIBL branch with your requirement. Al-Arafa Islami Bank is always ready to serve the deserving SMEs.

Micro Finance

A vast majority of our population lives in rural Bangladesh and a high percentage of them are still below poverty level. Unless these millions are brought up above the poverty level, real and sustainable development of our economy is not possible. Some NGOs are working on this issue. But very a few are operated in compliance with Islamic Shariah. Al-Arafa Islami Bank performs here in full compliance with Shariah.

Micro credit program of the bank is executed under supervision of Al-Arafa Islami Bank. Eight groups having five members in each, create a Samitee. The credit is distributed to the members having all the other members of a group as guarantor for it. Personal guarantee from a local eminent person is also accepted. The range of loan is from Tk. 3000 to Tk. 50000 and the modes of loan are Fixed capital investment and Running capital investment.

Al-Arafa Islami Bank is still working with same spirit it started with 16 years back.