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Chamber Building(3rd Floor) 122-124, Motijheel, Commercial Area, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.
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Standard Bank Limited was established as a Public Limited Company in 1999 under the Companies Act, 1994. Since inception SBL is providing almost all banking services and products to its clients. During last 12 years it has developed a good reputation as an efficient commercial banker in Bangladesh.


Standard Bank Limited introduced itself in the commercial banking field of the country with objectives of providing dynamic and innovative services to people to meet their today’s demand and desire.

Economic Value addition (EVA) must be positive.

Cost efficiency of services and products should be high enough to reach the top among the commercial banks.

The bank must prove itself as one of the best financial institutions of the country.

At the end of functioning for 12 years it can be said that SBL is advancing in the right track for the objectives.


As a commercial bank Standard Bank provides all general banking services like Savings Account, Current Account and STD Account. It issues Demand Draft, Pay Order for transfer of money. It has provisions for other Deposit Schemes as well.

The deposit schemes offered by SBL are appended below.

  • SBL Regular Deposit Program (SRDP)
  • SBL Regular Income Program (SRIP)
  • SBL Double Income Plus (DI+)
  • SBL 5(Five) Lacs Savings Scheme
  • SBL 10(Ten) Lacs Savings Scheme
  • SBL Lakhopati Plus (SLP+)
  • SBL Millionaire Plus (SMP+)

As special products Standard Bank has provisions for Consumer Credit Scheme and House Building Loan for its customers.

Other Fields of Activity

In addition to above SBL performs Corporate Banking, SME Banking, Merchant Banking, Islami Banking and Remittance Services.

Corporate Banking

SBL furnish assistance to deserving candidates in Export and Import businesses. For importers it ensures documentary credit to you through L/C. It may also arrange back to back L/C in appropriate case. SBL can manage Deferred L/C for you. The bank issues Shipping Guarantee for import and even finances your import on demand.

For export traders Standard Bank provide verities of services to enhance the business. These are Export L/C advising, L/C Safekeeping, L/C Confirmation, L/C Checking and Negotiation. Pre-shipment Export Finance program of SBL provides direct finance to you.

Standard Bank distributes term loan for industries. This loan is for Large, Medium and Cottage industries of the country. Thus it’s playing a vital role in industrialization of the country.

Moreover SBL has Commercial Lending and Working Capital lending programs to further help the new entrepreneurs of the country.

SME Banking

SBL extends financial cooperation to small and medium scale enterprises of the country at the time of necessity. As the SMEs contribute substantially for the national economy these program enhances the overall progress of the country.

Remittance and Services

For providing services to Bangladeshis working abroad Standard Bank maintains three Exchange Houses, one in the U.K and two in US.

For collection of inward remittance from nonresident citizens of the country, SBL employed foreign correspondents and trained personnel in different potential countries. The bank has provisions for opening and maintaining of Foreign Currency accounts. This opportunity is for nonresident and resident citizen of the country.

Treasury Unit of Standard Bank operates in foreign exchange market and money market of the country. The daily products in foreign exchange are:

  • Spot Dealing
  • Forward Dealing
  • SWAPS.
  • Forex

Standard Bank actively participates in money market of the country. SBL deals with:

  • Overnight (call) Lending and borrowing with banks- NBFIs
  • Term placement with banks and NBFIs
  • REPO/ Reverse REPO of Gov.t security scripts with Bangladesh Bank and other banks

Islami Banking

Standard Bank provides different deposit accounts and deposit schemes under Islami banking head. All these schemes and products are designed in compliance with sariah and Islamic values.

Other Products and Services

SBL has Locker Service for safe keeping of your valuables. Most of the major branches provide this service.

Debit and Credit card services are presented by SBL to its clients at a very reasonable charge. It provides cards for Local, International and Dual services.

Standard Bank Limited got in the commercial banking of Bangladesh with a vision and in course of time it has proved its competency to achieve those targets.