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Janata Bank Limited

Phone: +880-2-9558423
Fax: +880-2-9564644
Email: jbdil@janatabank-bd.com
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29, Dilkusha Commercial Area, Dhaka-1000. Bangladesh.
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Janata Bank Limited is one of the biggest commercial banks of the country. It’s a state owned bank that was formed just after liberation of Bangladesh. In fact it was a combination of two smaller banks namely United Bank Limited and Union Bank Limited. The bank has a very wide network of 872 branches all over the country. At present its authorized capital is BDT 20,000 million and paid up capital is BDT 5,000 million. Janata Bank was converted to a limited company on 15 November, 2007. JBL provides all services of a commercial bank. Moreover it serves its clients with most modern banking products.


Janata Bank provides all commercial banking services to its clients focusing on the national interest and sustainable growth. The major fields of its activities may be represented as below:

  • Retail/Personal Banking
  • Credit programs
  • Micro Enterprises & Special Credit
  • Rural Banking / Credit Program
  • International Banking
  • Foreign Remittance and NRB Banking

Retail Banking

In addition to normal savings and current accounts, Janata Bank presents different deposit schemes for retail clients. As a limited income person you may select one for yourself. The schemes are Short term deposit, Term deposit, Sanchaya pension scheme and Deposit pension scheme. The programs offer good terms and conditions.

At personal level Janata Bank present some credit schemes to facilitate and up lift your standard of living. You may have one to meet up your requirement.

Credit Programs

Janata Bank in its credit programs engulfs most of the economic activities of Bangladesh with special attention at the thrust sectors of the country. It touches about 200 items of trades, businesses and industries. Thrust sector items, as declared by GOB and taken care of by JBL are:

  • Agro products & agro processed goods
  • Light Engineering products including Auto parts and Bi-cycle
  • Leather goods and shoes
  • Pharmaceutical goods
  • Software and ICT products
  • Home textile
  • Ocean going ship building

Other than the thrust sector Janata Bank provides credit for all large and medium scale industries. The credit includes capital machinery and also running capital.

Rural Banking

The bank extends its loan facility to create employment and achieve economic growth in rural Bangladesh. It provides loan to farmers, fish and shrimp cultivators, and micro entrepreneurs. They may have loan for agro equipment and other expenditure related to production. All the efforts are targeted to employment generation and self employment. Well, all these loans are at easy terms.

Almost 80% of our population lives in rural areas. So their economic empowerment is a must for real and sustainable growth of our economy. So this bank works simultaneously to create employment and to alleviate poverty.

As the success of a micro credit program depends mainly on intensive supervision, the bank sometimes provides such credit in collaboration with other agencies. Collaborating GO or NGO provide supervisors.

Micro Enterprise & Special Credit

Our rural population is badly submerged under poverty. To bring them above the poverty level Janata Bank has taken up a good number of financing programs. Some of these are:

  • Small Farmers & Landless Laborers Development project (SFDP)
  • Swanirvar Credit Scheme
  • Co-operative Credit for rural poor
  • Lending through NGOs
  • Grain Storage Credit
  • Ghoroa Prokalpa/Family based micro credit
  • Women Entrepreneur Development Credit
  • Small Business Development loan Scheme

Further to the above the bank offers some special credit programs. Those are like:

  • Seed Development Program
  • Loan for Handicapped/Disabled people
  • Hybrid cow Rearing Program
  • Credit for Forestry and Horticulture/Nursery
  • Flower cultivation
  • Goat Rearing

So it is clear that Janata Bank tries to help almost all professions of our villages. Thus it’s contributing quite substantially in reducing poverty and increasing growth.

International Banking

Janata Bank performs in international banking for its clients through 4 overseas branches and 1198 correspondent banks around the globe. It provides credit in export and import businesses and all other banking services related to them. So you may avail the services from Janata Bank.

Foreign Remittance and NRB services

Janata Bank serves the expatriate Bangladeshis in sending their hard earned foreign currency to home. In addition they may have FC accounts in the bank. Attractive deposit schemes are also offered by the bank.

Other Products

Janata Bank has logically started internet banking for its clients. You may have a lot of banking services being at home.

JBL has introduced Debit Card service for its clients. So you are now free from any tension of carrying huge cash.

‘Janata’ mean a people. Janata Bank Limited has proved its name to be very correct, through people oriented programs and schemes. At the same time it’s contributing a lot to the national economy.