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Bank Asia Limited

Phone: +880-02-9563651-2
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Tea Board Building (1st Floor), 111-113, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000.
Known As

With a vision to make a poverty free Bangladesh, some distinguished entrepreneurs of the country decided to establish a commercial bank. The result was Bank Asia Limited. It was the 27th day of November, 1999 when the bank started to function. The entrepreneurs also foresaw that future Bangladesh would up hold human dignity and rights above all.

As a commercial bank BA announced its mission to provide technology based, innovative, and quality services for the clients at a minimum cost. Thus the bank would take active part in achieving sustained growth of national economy.

Products and Schemes

In addition to common banking services Bank Asia presents advantageous deposit schemes, Credit schemes, SME banking, and a good number of innovative services to the customers. The bank never forgets about its social responsibility as well. All of its activities may be divided as follows:

  • Deposit Schemes
  • Credit Schemes
  • SME banking
  • Islamic Banking
  • Miscellaneous Products

Deposit Schemes

Your deposit at BA is well treated through different schemes. You may feel free to save your limited surplus in some of the following schemes.

  • Bonus Saving Scheme
  • Deposit Pension Scheme
  • Double Benefit Plus
  • Triple Benefit Plus
  • Monthly Benefit Plus

All these schemes are designed for individual customers. Bonus Saving Scheme is your Savings account having a balance of more than BDT 100,000 that retains for a longer period. Then you’ll have some extra benefit. Deposit Pension Scheme is for installment deposit and to get a handsome amount after maturity. The rest schemes are sorts of fixed deposit. After completion of the tenures you may get your money doubled and tripled as indicated in the names. The last one is of 3 and 5 year tenures where you may withdraw your benefit every month.

Credit Schemes

Bank Asia provides loan to individual customers and also to corporate clients. The loan schemes for individual customers are:

  • House Finance
  • Auto Loan
  • Consumer Durable Loan
  • Loan for Professionals
  • Unsecured Personal Loan
  • Senior Citizen Support

All the schemes, except the last one is developed for working, young executives. If you are one of them, you may avail the opportunity to fulfill your long cherished dream. The last one is for retired people to help them in sudden financial need. The terms and conditions are competitive.

Bank Asia presents several effective credit schemes for corporate clients. The major programs are:

  • Working Capital Financing
  • Term Loans
  • Equity Financing
  • Structured Finance
  • Loan Syndication

Other than these schemes the bank may arrange consultative and documentary services for corporate clients. Thus Bank Asia supports big businesses and industries of the country in their endeavor for expansion and growth.

SME Banking

SME Banking as a whole is named Sachondo Products by Bank Asia. The products are designed for Trading, Manufacturing, and Services. Some of the schemes are unsecured loan and some are secured. If you own a prospective SME, you’ll not have to sit idle for lack of fund. BA provides finance under the guide lines of Bangladesh Bank. The process of getting a loan is simple and client friendly. BA provides loan at still easier terms to women entrepreneurs.

Bank Asia has taken up another program of funding rural people under Poverty Alleviation head. In reality this is also a sort of SME Banking. The bank provides loan for Fish cultivation, Poultry Firm, Small and Cottage Industry, Small Engineering Workshop and IT training Institute. Young, unemployed people having educational background or previous experience in the related field may have this loan.

Bank Asia has a plan to get in the field of micro credit through some NGOs. The loan would be disbursed to groups of land less people and selected NGO would work on behalf of the bank.

Islamic Banking

Many of the present day clients like Islamic banking for their money. So Bank Asia has created provision for them. Five branches of the bank, three in Dhaka, one at Chittagong and one at Sylhet provide Islamic banking opportunity for its customers. The Islamic banking windows work fully in compliance with Islamic Shariah. If you like to maintain your financial life according to your belief in Islam you are welcome at those branches of the bank.

Miscellaneous Products

Bank Asia presented card service for its clients. It provides credit cards of different categories. Major categories are local and international.

Bank Asia had introduced internet banking at the first chance. Now it serves clients with SMS banking and mobile banking.

Bank Asia offers locker service to clients at some of its branches. You may have the service at any time.

Nonresident Bangladeshis may have F/C account at Bank Asia.

Bank Asia is ready to serve you through all its branches, kiosks and booths. Please pay a visit for any of your banking need.