Brokerage House
- Member, Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. - Full Service Depository Participant
City Foreign Remittance
By your side - all the way - The city Bank's Foreign Remittance unit meets growing customer needs for fast, sucure & easy money transfers to an extensive range of destinations. Being a committed bank to its customers, we go all the lengths to r...
Consumer Credit Scheme (CCS)
BCBL started Consumer Credit Scheme for helping the limited and fixed income people. In this scheme, limited and fixed income people are financed for purchasing daily life products in such a way that they can repay the loan in easy installments.
Credit Cover
- Low Rates - High Protection - Protection against Uncertainties - While You Recover - We will Cover - Convenient and Hassle-free - All on the Statement - Always There for You - Legalities
Farmers Account
কৃষকদেরকে ব্যাংকের দৈনন্দিন কর্মকান্ডের আওতায় নিয়ে আসার জন্য বর্তমান সরকারের এই প্রচেষ্টাকে চলমান প্রক্রিয়া হিসাবে গণ্য করতে হবে । সমগ্র অর্থনৈতিক কর্মপ্রবাহের সাথে দেশের সকল কৃষক জনগোষ্টিকে একীভূত করে সামগ্রিকভাবে Functional Inclusion ঘটাতে হবে। ...
Money Market
Money markets refer to raising and deploying short-term resources, with maturity of funds generally not exceeding one year. MTB money market is one of the most active and efficient desk in the interbank market of the country. The money market is s...
Primary Dealers Business
Primary dealer system is an agreement between two major stakeholders in the domestic government debt market. The central bank has given approval to Mutual Trust Bank Limited as primary dealer (PD) aiming to boost the country's secondary securities...
Trade Finance
NBL provides comprehensive banking services to all. types of commercial concerns such as in the industrial sector for export-import purpose as working capital, packing credit, trade finance,Issuance of Import L/Cs,Advising and confirming Export L/...
Treasury Service
Primary Dealer of Govt. Approved Securities
Utility Services
Rupali Bank Ltd. offers some special services to customers in addition to its normal banking operation. Collection of various utility bills is one of them. Under this service, the Bank benefited Customer by collecting their various utility bills l...