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Mudaraba Millonaire Scheme

People of Bangladesh are the followers of Islam. They are mostly interested to make interest free deposits. Taking these facts into consideration SIBL a joint venture Islamic bank introduced a monthly installment based "Mudaraba Millionaire Scheme"
- Any depositor may open one or more account in the same name in the same branch.
- If a depositor fails to deposit 4 consecutive installments then the account will be closed and profit will applied as per rate of Mudaraba Savings Rate. Profit for the first 06 (Six) months shall not be applied.
- The Bank reserves the right to invest the funds received in mudaraba term deposit accounts, in its sole judgement, in any interest-free "Halal" business it deems fit.

DPS Type
Minimum Installment
Tk. 550/-
Maturity Period
15 Years


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