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Monthly Benefit Deposit Scheme

This is a Deposit Scheme where the depositor gets a fixed amount of profit every month without disturbance of the principal.
- The retirement benefits of service holders. The depositor gets a monthly pension.
- The investment of Wage Earners who want to pay a fixed amount monthly to their families/ dependents in Bangladesh from the profit of their investment.
- The deposit of those persons who intend to meet the monthly expense of their family from the income of their deposit.
- Investment of fund of Trusts and Foundations which award monthly scholarships/ stipends to students.
- Parents who want to defray the educational expenses of their children from the monthly benefit of their deposit with the Bank.
DPS Type
Monthly Deposit
Interest Rate
Tk. 800.00 per Tk. 1,00,000.00. per Month
Initial Deposit
Tk. 25,000.00/-
Maturity Period
5 (five) years.
- Separate Application Form specially designed for the purpose shall be obtained duly filled in and signed by the depositor. In addition to this, the depositor must have a separate Savings Bank Account with the Branch wherein the benefit on the amount so


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