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Lease Finance

To assist the genuine and capable entrepreneurs for acquiring Capital Machinery and Equipments to undertake enterprises without equity.

- The lease items will remain in the name of the Bank i.e., Bank will be the sole owner of the leased items.
- Collateral securities having liquidation value covering at least 100% of the amount of finance.
- Deposit of listed Shares, National Savings Certificates, ICB Unit Certificates, Assignment of Life Insurance Policies, Bank Guarantee, Insurance Guarantee etc. will also be acceptable as collateral securities.
- In case of existing industrial units requiring BMRE, charge may be created on the existing Fixed Assets as collateral securities for the finance. In case of existing Automobile enterprises, creation of charge on the existing vehicles will also be acceptable as collateral securities.
- In case of default in payment of lease rental for consecutive 2 (two) months, the Bank will take over the lease items without giving any prior notice.
- In case of taking over the lease items by the Bank before maturity, the lessee will be liable for the loss, if any, caused to the Bank of such premature taking over.

the monthly rentals.
Loan Amount
Tk. 1.00 crore
5 (five) years
- All genuine entrepreneurs having adequate experience and expertise are eligible to apply for Lease Finance under the scheme. The amount of Lease Finance will not generally exceed Tk. 1.00 crore, but in exceptionally good cases, the limit can reasonably


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