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Phone: 9666238, 7115756
Fax: +880-2-9561889
Email: dbbl@bdmail.net

SMS/ Mobile Banking

DBBL pioneered Mobile Banking in Bangladesh. It was the first bank to offer banking facilties through a wide range of mobile phones. SMS (Short Messaging System) is an extremely unsecure method to do mobile banking. DBBL recommends you use a HTML browser found on many phones to access internet banking facilities.

The mobile phone networks are unsecure and there is nothing DBBL can do but to take precautionary steps. Unlike DBBL ATM's, POS and branches mobile networks and SMS is not encrypted and do not have advanced security features of the DBBL electronic banking infrastructure.

To make the most of this unsecure scenario, DBBL issues you a mobile PIN number which is different from the DBBL pin number for your mobile transactions. Not under any circumstances is the DBBL PIN number to be used in mobile banking. A different PIN number and a mobile transaction limit imposed by DBBL provides some security (but not all) over the unsecure phone network. Clients should be aware and cautious that although DBBL does its best, it cannot guarantee full security over a phone network it has no control over.

Benefits of Mobile Banking
By providing electronic access to money, it is possible to ultimately
alleviate poverty, because of the following reasons.
- Real time on-line banking
- Available anytime, anywhere throughout the country
- It is convenient, affordable and secure
- It is much more effective in developing savings habits
- It will make access to banking and advanced payment
transactions at affordable cost
- It is much safer, speedy and safeguard against fraudulent

What does DBBL Mobile banking offer?
- Customer Registration
- Cash-in (cash deposit)
- Cash-out (cash withdrawal)
- Merchant Payment
- Utility Payment
- Salary Disbursement
- Foreign Remittance
- Air-time Top-up
- Fund Transfer


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