Pubali goes big in online banking

Posted by BankInfo on Wed, Apr 18 2012 09:14 am

Helal Ahmed Chowdhury, managing director of Pubali Bank, attends a press conference in the capital yesterday where he announced plans to launch the Bank's internet banking service today.

Pubali Bank has brought its 310 branches under online network and plans to bring the remaining 100 branches under the network in phases, the Bank said in a statement yesterday.

The Bank looks to establish its own ATM network with 1,000 ATM booths across the country and set up 100 such booths this year.

The Bank also plans to launch internet banking services using its own software today.

The announcement came at a press meet in the capital yesterday where the Bank's Managing Director Helal Ahmed Chowdhury and Additional Managing Director MA Halim Chowdhury were present.

Pubali Bank started its transition from the traditional manual banking operation to computerised banking services in 1991 with vendor provided software, according to the statement.

In 2004, the Bank started replacing the software with its in-house developed branch banking software, Pubali Integrated Banking System.

In 2008, the branch banking software was converted to core banking software which was evaluated by Price-waterhouseCoopers

Pvt Ltd, India, and the Bank computerised all its branches with the software.

On the same year, the Bank started launching online banking system at its selected branches.

The Daily Star/Bangladesh/ 18th April 2012

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