Azad for stronger banking sector for strengthening economy

Posted by BankInfo on Fri, Dec 24 2010 08:34 pm

President of the Federation of Bangladesh Chembers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) AK Azad said that the economy of a country is much stronger whose banking industry has been strengthened enough.

Businessman and people of all walks of a country are directly linked with the banks, he said adding the bankers and employees of a bank can help turn any weak economy as a stronger one.

Azad, also a director of Shahjalal Islami Bank said this while inaugurating the 60th branch of the bank in Faridpur on Thursday, according to a press release.

Managing director of the bank Abdul Rahman Sarker presided over the inaugural ceremony.

Chairman of the bank Al-haj Mohammad Solaiman , deputy commissioner of Faridpur Helaluddin Ahmad and police super Md Aulad Ali Fakir were present at the function.

“Shahjalal Islami Bank would help boost the businesses in Faridpur district,” Azad expected adding: “The people of the region would be benefited a lot through the services of the branch of the bank.”

The chairman of the bank said that the ordinary people do not have access to banking system, but the of Shahjalal Bank would ensure better banking scopes for the people in the region through its modern banking system.

Md Abdul Rahman Sarker highlighted about banks deposit and investment schemes. Through this branch, the people of Faridpur will get the facility of daily banking investment in the promising sectors, he added.

Source: Daily Sun