Activation ceremony between NCC Bank Limited and SSL Wireless

Posted by BankInfo on Tue, Mar 01 2016 10:29 am

NCC Bank Limited, has signed an agreement with Software Shop Limited (operating under the brand name “SSL Wireless”) to implement 3D Secure Solution for its customers and has activated the service for their customers recently. Due to the activation of this service, the cardholders of NCC Bank will be prompted with a numeric password while performing Card-Not-Present or e-commerce transactions. Golam Hafiz Ahmed (Managing Director & CEO), Mosleh Uddin Ahmed (Additional Managing Director), Abu Zafore Md. Saleh (Deputy Managing Director) & Md. Fazlur Rahman (Deputy Managing Director) of NCC Bank Limited along with Sayeeful Islam (Managing Director) and Ashish Chakraborty (General Manager) of SSL Wireless, were present during the activation ceremony on behalf of their respective organizations at the Head Office of NCC Bank.

News:The Daily Star/29-Feb-2016
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